lead a group

Calling all seekers of deep connection and spiritual growth! Join us and be part of a transformative journey by leading a Core Group. Developed from the rich tradition of Wesleyan Class Meetings, our Core Groups provide a space for you to engage in God’s word, engage with one another, engage in our community, and engage in our mission and vision. 

As a leader, you will guide a group of fellow believers in exploring the profound wisdom and teachings found within the precious pages of the Bible. Dive into scripture together, unpacking its truth and relevance for our lives today. Through open and honest discussions, encourage one another to apply these timeless principles in practical ways, deepening our faith and understanding.

But it doesn’t stop there! Our Core Groups foster a true sense of community, where authentic relationships are formed. Share life’s joys and struggles, speak words of encouragement, and offer support during challenging times. Experience the power and beauty of genuine fellowship as we walk this faith journey together. 

Beyond the walls of our church, our Core Groups have a heart for our wider community. Engage in acts of service and compassion, extending God’s love to those in need. Be the hands and feet of Jesus as we make a meaningful impact in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and beyond. United by our mission and vision, our Core Groups play a vital role in bringing these aspirations to life. We empower one another to use our unique gifts and talents to serve, to reach out, and to build up. Together, we strive to fulfill our collective calling and make a difference in our world. 

If you are ready to take the next step in your faith journey and be a catalyst for change, contact Pastor Jacob today. Join us in leading a Core Group that will empower and equip others to grow in faith, deepen our relationships, and impact our world for Christ.